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21 April 2008 @ 01:47 pm
 Finally. He's awake and randy as ever fine. Despite his hair growing back a little strangely, but we won't mention that to him. I don't know if he knows, but he can be very sweet sometimes.

Jules let me know he was awake and called me again when everyone had left, so we could have some alone time. Not sure if we spent it how she'd imagined. Was very sweet of her.

Oh. Should probably owl Padma, since she and Parvati had to deal with me freaking out at the game. Am bad, forgetful friend.

Am probably bad daughter as well, since I haven't mentioned anything really to Mum & Dad. I'm just...not ready to yet. We'll see.

As for work...well, it potters on, doesn't it? Nothing inherently interesting of late. Speaking of, should probably talk to Brown at some stage, since the best laid plans seem to be...lying and not much else.
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08 April 2008 @ 04:44 am
Miss cuddling him.
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This is



Didn't even get


How can

Why does this

Fucking bludgers.
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So much has happened since I last wrote anything...

Jones and Goldstein got life. I...I don't know how to feel about the verdict. I know a lot of people are angry, but do they really deserve to lose their souls? That's so terribly inhumane, it's lowering us, as a society, to beneath the level they stooped to. There's a difference between justice and fairness though, if you ask me. And since you're my journal, you have no choice in the matter. If you're not careful, I'll start channeling Plato.

Reactions seem pretty polarised. I know Brown doesn't think it was fair; I heard the unholy screams from her office after Barny turned down her article. Doubt he approved the one that printed but still, good on her. So long as nothing happens to Trev, that is. I always liked him.

Speaking of Brown and Trev, we've got some plans for dear Ticky. Pity Parkinson loathes me so, I'm sure she'd have a myriad of masterful ideas. Do we know any other people with plotting prowess? Something to look into, I guess.

Oliver's birthday is Friday. He said it's bad timing, but I have an idea. Must shop on my lunch break tomorrow, see what I can find.

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09 March 2008 @ 08:41 pm

Right. Realised I haven't written anything in here for a bit, and there have been lovely dates and nefarious plots afoot.

- Boxman bollocksed up the article. No surprises there. He may've used accurate quotes, but they were so far out of context it barely mattered. Did hear strange noises coming from his office on Friday, but it's better for my mental health if I don't ask.
- He bailed me up on Thursday to add a gloat to the usual come-on. Lavender Brown turned up, barbs were traded, etc. Now, we suddenly have a nefarious plotting date for Tuesday, seeing if we can't get rid of the git somehow. I think I'll save any "hooray"s until after I've met with Lavender. Wonder if she's as surly over dinner as she is at the office?

- Had breakfast with Mum and Dad. No real reason for the invite, it seemed, just catching up. Dad showed off his breakfast skills (since he can't cook anything else, not that we tell him this) and let Mum and I catch up a bit. Haven't told them anything about boys beyond that I've seen someone a few times. I thought maybe she'd be a bit wary, but I got the "as long as you're happy, Mandy" spiel.

- He took me to Paris last Friday. PARIS!  It was beautiful and...it was Paris! Ended up back at mine eventually, snogging on the couch. I think he's quite fond of that couch, actually. Still, great night, fantastic food, and he looked glorious.
- Owled me early Monday morning (grrrr) with coffee things, so he's forgiven. And Quidditch passes, and an invitation out on Sunday. I feel like maybe I should organise a date? But he's very good at them.
- He took a beating from those Appleby bastards and still managed to win. So proud.
- Took me on a picnic today! With no prior prompting about my love for them. He's some kind of romantic genius, maybe? Gorgeous little spot with a lake, and he rowed us across to the other side. I very nearly swooned. Took off his shirt, not that I minded, to show his bruises. OUCH. Was powerless to resist the urge to kiss them better. Again and again and again.

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They took my story off me. The notes from the Parkinson interview, that she set on fire. And Barnabus made me give it to bloody Boxman, of all people. Shouldn't I have expected this, really? Oh, the joys of being a muggleborn.

I'm not going to cry about this. I'm not that girl, not anymore. 

Besides, I have a date with Oliver tomorrow night, and everything will be grand. I'm going to stand in front of my closet and spend the next few hours debating what to wear. Much better to think about than a story that's no longer my concern.
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25 February 2008 @ 09:00 am
This was the worst

Shit. Are there such things as Hit Wizards? Parkinson looked mad enough to use one, though she could probably take care of the curses herself.

And all I wanted was to tell her story. Think before you speak next time, Brocklehurst. There is NO POINT in getting hexed into a tiny, albeit attractive, pile of ashes when you have a date coming up.

Two dates. Kind of. Got an owl from Padma inviting me 'round for drinks. Haven't seen her since the bastard Eric  for a long time. Slightly apprehensive? But looking forward to it. She was my best friend, once. Parvati was always good fun to have around too. See? The world's not completely doom and gloom and potential death-by-Slytherin. The twins are obviously stunningly pretty silver linings.

Might look for some new books soon. Always cheers me up. Hurrah, retail therapy.


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10 February 2008 @ 11:28 pm
So. Friday.
Was glorious! He loved the movie, so I'm glad I made the right choice. Let's just hope he's not dissapointed when he realises there's not too much that measures up to Monty Python, hmmm? Oh, and true to his word, Oliver turned up with some fabulous wine. I knew I liked him for a reason. That, and he's a very good kisser. We may have spent a few hours very long time snogging on the couch afterwards. After I pinched his bum. I almost can't believe I had the nerve, but it seemed like a good idea at the time? He didn't seem to mind, anyway.
  Also, may'vemaybementionedIlikebeingspanked  He didn't really say anything about that, but then I got all distracted again with kissing him. 
Oh, and he wore the cologne! I had a bit of a giggle and he thought that a bit...odd. I just thought it was cute, and it's actually helpful for writing the tag line. I know just how good it smells, even if I was a bit distracted at the time. Damn those smouldering eyes of his.
He said he'd owl me with plans for next time. I'm doing my best to concentrate on work and not stare out the window every two minutes. Honest! Oh, don't look at me like that, what would you know? You're just a journal, for crying out loud! I'm going to stop lecturing an inanimate object and get on with work. Good day.
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08 February 2008 @ 10:15 am
 Ha! I knew there was a good reason to accept the offer to work on Jean-Baptiste Grenouille's Aqva Pour Homme ad campaign.
I turned up to the photoshoot early, and, happy coincidence, Oliver turned out to be the Quidditch player they'd gotten for the shoot. That man, drenched in water with his shirt plastered against him, all smouldery-eyed, might well replace the view from Mum & Dad's holiday house in Spain as my favourite sight. Definitely in the top five, at least.
Ended up going to lunch with him (there was hand holding! and other flirty stuff, I feel like I'm fourteen and giggly, but I don't care), talking about his cat (what the? sounds like a cutie though), and making plans for tomorrow night. Movies! He's never seen one (oh, the horror!) so I get to choose. I'm thinking comedy. Monty Python is always good for a night of non-stop laughter.

Apparently, the grapevine's saying Pansy Parkinson's been found. I think an owl to Cormac is in order. Moving my career forward, and all that.

Hold on, why am I wasting time journaling when I should be cleaning the flat? Bad Mandy, very bad! Oh, does this mean I have to dust? I hate dusting.
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29 January 2008 @ 09:54 pm

 Hello, journal of mine.
It's my birthday! 

Most people aren't over the moon about getting older, but life's not too bad at the moment, so I shall simply enjoy the fact that I got presents and a FRONT PAGE article within 48 hours. Yay, me.

Had a good day at work, despite death glares for scooping Potter's first interview - thank you Cormac, your sins are forgiven, and went to Mum & Dad's for dinner. She might nag, but no one roasts a chicken like my mum. They got me

It's been a quiet, easy day, and if I'm honest, it's the best birthday I've had since before I was married. I can say that now, I think. 
I'm...happier being me. Being me without Eric. But let's not talk about him anymore. The twenty-third year of my life is here, and it'll be the year I seize all available opportunities. So happy birthday to me.
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